Mountain Villages

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The villages of Lousã’s Mountain are the inheritance of the hard life of the people that bravely fought against the lack of resources in a land that survived only through agriculture and sheep breeding.

Symbol of the humbleness of the people who lived here, the villages – nowadays desert – appear built with a simple architecture where xisto domains, a dark coloured stone much common in this region.

Hidden between the vegetation layers, the villages amazingly framed in the surrounding environment – deserve to be rediscovered by its traditions and natural simplicity.

Countless pedestrian trails, all properly defined, cross the Mountain Villages of Lousã, Miranda do Corvo and Figueiró dos Vinhos, such as Candal, Casal Novo, Catarredor, Chiqueiro, Cerdeira, Talasnal, Vaqueirinho, Gondramaz, Casal de São Simão and, this time in Pampilhosa da Serra, the villages of Fajão, Janeiro de Baixo and Machio.

At the Mountain, time looses its value and only space matters. All elements connect to each other allowing discovering the local climate, geology, fauna and flora.

The mountain enables a deep connection with the environment, allowing to enjoy the open and majestic landscapes in opposite with the narrow and sinuous spaces, to see, every now and then, a wild boar or a deer, to feel the wind under the stems of a chestnut tree, oak tree or cork oak and to hear the whisper of the streams that jump and run between the rocks.

It’s worth to stay for a night at the Mountain... so, why not sleeping at a Hostel House or at a nice and restored Xisto House At the next morning and after a soothing night – in which only the nature sounds relaxed us – it’s possible to go through the mountain’s trails discovering, in each corner, new sensations that calm both our body and soul.