Xisto's Villages


Map of Xisto’s Villages

Villages and Municipalities

Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha, Comareira, Pena – Municipality of Góis

Candal, Casal Novo, Cerdeira, Talasnal – Municipality of Lousã

Casal de S. Simão – Municipality of Figueiró dos Vinhos

Benfeita – Municipality of Arganil

Sarzedas, Martim Branco – Municipality of Castelo Branco

Janeiro de Cima, Barroca – Municipality of Fundão

Gondramaz – Municipality of Miranda do Corvo

Álvaro – Municipality of Oleiros

Fajão, Janeiro de Baixo – Municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra

Ferraria de São João – Municipality of Penela

Pedrógão Pequeno – Municipality of Sertã

Água Formosa – Municipality of Vila de Rei

Foz do Cobrão – Municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão

The Concept

Xisto’s Villages are located at the region of Pinhal Interior (Centre of Portugal), forming 23 nucleuses with great patrimony, environment and social value.

The work done at the villages, concerning their buildings preservation, are characterized by their accuracy and quality, both of the material used and at the effort to maintain the original design.

The natural Patrimony, the Culture, the Gastronomy and Touristic Activities were considered to be the most important values that best define the concept of the Network of Xisto’s Villages. Together with these main features, there are the people, the local products, buildings, feasts and pilgrimages.

The most attractive aspect for Tourists is the environment and culture harmony of Xisto’s Villages.

Territory (AIBT-Pinhal Interior)

  • 21 municipalities
  • 180.000 inhabitants


  • Water Resources: Project for the Promotion of Fluvial Beaches
  • Xisto’s Villages and others: Project of ALDEIAS DO XISTO
  • Touristic Resources: Tours Network of Pinhal Interior
  • Tags for the territory

Source: Web Page of Rede de Aldeias do Xisto at http://aldeiasdoxisto.pt