Figueiró dos Vinhos

Arts & Crafts
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Weaving: Rug Making, Other Pieces

Basket Making: Several models of wicker baskets

Decorative Arts: Several Pieces

Ceramic: Comic Pieces

Wood and Ropery: Wood and Rope chairs and tables, and other pieces

Tinsmithing: Funnel, still, several pieces

The Handicraft Centre
The concern to preserve Traditional Art led to the creation of a space that aims to promote the work of the municipality’s artisans. At the Handicraft Centre of Figueiró dos Vinhos, located next to the Bus Station, we can find a wide range of Works, such as Basket Making, Ceramic, Painting and others, and here we can get to know more about this municipality’s Traditional Art.

Source: Official Site of Município de Figueiró dos Vinhos

Gastronomy and Local Products
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[from Ribeira de Alge and from Campelo’s Trout Culture]

Freshwater Fishing: Achigã, Boga, Common Carp, among others...
The clear waters of Ribeira de Alge and River Zêzere that are all around the municipality enable the life of certain fishes such as Achigã, Boga, Common Carp, Barbo and Trouts, which allow a great variety of gastronomic recipes, besides Domestic Sheep and Goat that are part of every restaurant’s menu.

Leitão Assado (Roasted Lechón) [a traditional recipe in Arega]

Figueiró dos Vinhos’ Pão-de-Ló [Sponge Cake made according an ancient recipe] Figueiró dos Vinhos is proud to have a great tradition in Convent Confectionery. The confections rich in eggs and almonds, such as castanhas doces, pingos de tocha and queijinhos do céu – hardly forgotten, butter biscuits and wedding cakes complement the famous and particular Pão-de-Ló (Sponge Cake), and they keep the original recipes left by the nuns who lived in this municipality until the 19th century.

Source: Official Site of Município de Figueiró dos Vinhos

Castanhas doces, pingos de tocha and queijinhos do céu (confectionery made mainly with eggs and sugar)

Wild Honey from Lousã’s Mountain
[P.D.O. Product – Protected Designation of Origin]

Fairs, Feasts and Pilgrimages
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Local Holiday: 24th June
Meaning of the day: Feast to S. João Batista, Patron Saint of the municipality. The municipality’s feasts take place during all the month of June, ending with the Patron Saint’s day, S. João Baptista, at the 24th June. During this period several important events take place, such as FIGEXPO that includes the Handicraft Fair, the Economical Activities Exhibition and the Gastronomic Fair, all much attended by local companies and people around the town. There are also several exhibitions, music events, sport activities and popular programmes. This is the perfect time to visit this town and get to know its culture and traditions.

Source: Official Site of Município de Figueiró dos Vinhos

Weekly Market: Wednesday and Saturday

São João’s Feast: Last week of June [Figueiró dos Vinhos]

São Pantaleão’s Fair: 26th, 27th and 28th July [Figueiró dos Vinhos] Yearly fair that runs all around the town with several traders who keep the ancient tradition alive.

Nuts Fair: 28th October [Fragas de São Simão - Aguda]

Nª. Senhora da Saúde’s Feast: from 18th to 21st of July [Fontão-Fundeiro Campelo]

Nª. Senhora da Conceição’s Feast: 2nd Sunday of August [Arega]

Nª. Senhora Penha de França’s Feast: 2nd Sunday of August [Village of Ana de Aviz]

Nª. Senhora do Livramento’s Feast: Sunday after 15th August [Bairradas]