Medas' Fauna and Flora

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The municipality of Vila Nova de Poiares is located on a basin surrounded by mountains. It’s a region with vast landscapes, with typical and pleasant corners. Carvalho’s Mountain, Bidueiro’s Mountain, Fraga and River Mondego and Alva’s streams are examples of natural spots where we can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the natural and local patrimony.

At Medas’ Park, where it will work the future Environment School, it’s possible to discover nature throughout trails that we discover on the way of our will and steps…

In nature, still in its wild state, there prevail some tree species like Maritime and Umbrella Pine, Eucalyptus, Cork Oak, Portuguese Oak, Pyrenean Oak and Mimosa. There are also several species of woody plants such as Gum Rockrose, Gorse and Carqueja.

We can wonder here, searching for wild flowers that cover the trails, waiting for us to look at them. Or, still, we can collect leaves and herbs to build a school herbarium.

The local fauna is constituted mainly by wild rabbits, one or two discrete hares, some partridges and several bird species – True Thrushes, Typical Warblers, House Sparrows, crows – that delight us with their songs and between waving flights, stand on a tree’s branch, or jump again to go into the space’s freedom.