The Web Page 'Trilhos da Serra - Entre serra da Lousã e Zêzere' believes that a strong electronic privacy is essential for the maximum trust on Internet as a mean of communication. 'Trilhos da Serra - Entre Lousã e Zêzere' assures it will deal with the visitors and subscribers’ information according with the stated by law and it will not provide this information to other entities without their authorisation.

Faq's on Privacy and Security
1. Which information 'Trilhos da Serra - Entre serra da Lousã e Zêzere' will have on its visitors and how is it used?
2. Who will this information be shared with?
3. Information Removal Policy.
4. How can I get further information?

1. Automatically, just traffic data. In the future, we can collect further automatic information about the visitors, in order to improve the system’s interaction with the users, however, that is not what happens at the moment. That information could be: the origin country; kind of browser; platform used to access the Web page; and the screen’s resolution. The data related with identity (such as name and address) will always be provided by the visitor and will never be connected with the other kind of information, without its authorisation. The email addresses collected will be dealt according to the electronic privacy law; this is, confidentially and not provided in any circumstances to other entities.

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In case you do not whish this option to be active, you must remove it on the options of your browser.

2. The information may be shared with the Web pages of the system Code 25, yet always at the form of statistics and Web page’s behaviours. The identity of the visitors will never be provided without their authorisation.

3. Whenever you wish to, you can ask the change or removal of your information on our data base, sending an email to

4. You can get further information, sending an email to