Ribeira das Quelhas

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The trail of Ribeira de Quelhas and Pera is an invitation to the harmony with nature, following part of this tour of bright and cold waters.

Starting this trip in the village of Coentral, we are aware that, on entering further in the Mountain, we have a trail of just 5km yet extremely hard to accomplish.

No less than 4 hours will be needed to cover its circular extension.

At the beginning of the trail, we walk through the right waterfront... in this place we cannot hear the noises of civilization, only the sounds of birds and the water hops at the stream go with us.

Looking around, we can see that the stone rules, with only a few soil stripes for the species that insist on growing.

Under our feet, the stones can move and we must be careful.

At the stream’s waterfronts the vegetation grows exuberant in an abrupt contrast with the scarped hills where some butcher’s brooms try to survive.

Up from a certain point, xisto begins to prevail.

The terrain is rather stony, perfect for the goats and sheep that graze here.

After crossing some rocky obstacles we find a little pond where we can have a refreshing bath.

In this area there are still some oak trees, mayflowers, European Hollies and holm oaks. Time has stopped... nature completely domains, imposing an attitude of quietness and relaxation.

We continue climbing until the scarped peak.

The stony hill is imponent and if the time is wet we can see the stream crashing into long cascades.

Looking up we can observe a canyon rising above...

We know that, with some courage and lots of determination, we can climb it and reach the plateau of Santo António da Neve... however, we choose to return by a trail which, under the freshness of oak trees, willows and big chestnut trees, drives us to the pasture carpets of Vale Silveira and calmly takes us back to Coentral.

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Source: Photos AS/Dueceira and João Viola/Dueceira
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