Discovering the Mountain.

Lousã, located at one of Mountains’ sides, stands out mainly because of its shiny and quiet landscape. However, its architectonic style is what seduces us at the first look, with manor houses from the 18th and 19th centuries that impose by their historical and aesthetical value. They help to maintain a kind of nostalgia despite the urban development of the last years.

Nas cercanias da vila situa-se o Castelo de Arouce e as Ermidas de Nossa Senhora da Piedade, num enquadramento harmonioso de património edificado, rio e floresta.

The region’s landscape is rather expressive, with luxurious vegetation that includes a diversified flora and the Mountain Villages - built with schist and spread out through the Mountain, which represent the image of the region due to its simplicity and rusticity, typical of the ancient rural people.

Facts about Lousã




139,16 km²


115 753 inhab. ( 2001)

Population Density (inhab./km 2)


Surface (km 2)


Civil Parishes

6 [Casal de Ermio, Foz de Arouce, Gândaras, Lousã, serpins and Vilarinho]




Pinhal Interior Norte



Old Province

Beira Litoral

Geographic Situation

North: Vila Nova de Poiares
East: Góis
Southeast: Castanheira de Pera
South: Figueiró dos Vinhos
West: Miranda do Corvo

Main Water Resources

River Ceira e Arouce

Coat of Arms and Flag
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Famous Persons

João Luso (1875-1950) Writer and Journalist, member of the Brazilian Linguistics Academy.

Dr. José Cardoso (1885-1959) Republican and Lawyer, strong proponent of regionalism and a proud beirão (from the Beira’s region). Greatly responsible by the mountain’s road construction which connected Lousã and Castanheira de Pera.

Dr. Alcino Simões Lopes (1894-1980) Philanthropic Doctor of Lousã’s people, so called the “doctor of the poor.

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José Carranca Redondo (1917-2005) Industrial of Lousã, creator of the famous Licor Beirão, the Liqueur of Portugal and its main promoter.