Miranda do Corvo


In a Land of Pilgrimages.

With a historical strategic importance, the municipality’s foundation comes back from the 12th century, through the foral of D. Afonso Henriques (1st King of Portugal). However, in earliest times, Romans and Saracen troops had already passed by these lands.

Crossed by the rivers Alheda, Dueça and Ceira – reason for the settling of people throughout times – the municipality is mainly mountainous, with countless places where we can enjoy beautiful and enormous landscapes.

Region of fairs and pilgrimages with great religious and popular meaning, the ceremonies of Senhora da Piedade and Senhor da Serra are events participated by thousands of pilgrims and tourists, compelled by their miraculous fame, in a true and deeply rooted devotion.

Facts about Miranda do Corvo


Mirandense, Corvense


126,98 km²


13 077 inhab. ( 2001)

Population Density (inhab./km 2)


Civil Parishes

5 [Lamas, Miranda do Corvo, Rio Vide, Semide e Vila Nova]




Pinhal Interior Norte



Old Province

Beira Litoral

Geographic Situation

Northeast: Vila Nova de Poiares
East: Góis
Southeast: Figueiró dos Vinhos
Southwest: Penela
West: Condeixa-a-Nova
Northwes: Coimbra

Main Water Resources

Rios Ceira, Dueça e Alheda

Coat of Arms and Flag
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Famous Persons
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José Falcão (1841-1893) Politician, republican, professor, author of “Cartilha do Povo” and other relevant written works on politics

Dr. Francisco Fernandes Rosa Falcão (1879-1931) Born in the village of Lamas. Graduated in Law by the University of Coimbra. Besides Lawyer, he was the Presidency Secretary of Coimbra’s Justice Court, Government’s Representing of Coimbra and Leiria districts and Chief of the Justice Minister’s Office, Dr. Manuel Rodrigues, from 1926 to 1928. Thanks to him, there was a great evolution on the definition of the Judicial Status and of the Criminal Procedure’s Code. He died in Lisbon at the 14th June 1931 and his grave is at Lamas’ Cemetery.

Prof. António Arruda Ferrer Correia (1912-2003)Prof. António Arruda Ferrer Correia (1912-2003) Distinguished by his university activity. Graduated in Law by the University of Coimbra where he worked as Professor and Rector from 1976 to 1982 – he was then nominated Honourable Rector, nomination made for the first time. He was awarded with the grade of Cross of the Military Order of Christ and Star Cross and Badge of the Merit Order of the Federal Republic of Germany and, in June 1982, awarded with the Cross of the Military Order of Santiago. He has also the highest Italian award, the Cross of the Italian Merit Order. He was also member and leader of several international organizations related with Law and President of Gulbenkian’s Foundation. At the 14th September 2003, Dr. Jorge Sampaio – Head of State inaugurated a monument in his honour. He died at the 17th October 2003.

Prof. António Arruda Ferrer Correia (1912-2003) Prof. Lídio Alves Gomes (1936-2006) Born in the Village of Vila Flor, where he always lived, he performed several jobs at Miranda do Corvo’s City Council. He was elected President for the election of the City Council’s Management Commission, after the 25th April. Elected, in 1976, 1979 and 1982 as Alderman. From 1982 to 1985, he was the City Council’s Vice-President and, from 1985 to 1989, he worked as President of the Municipal Assembly. He had several associative roles, namely in Associação para o Desenvolvimento e Formação Profissional, Volunteer Firefighters, Clube Atlético Mirandense and Equestrian Centre, and he was the Vice-President of ADFP, of which he was one of the founders. He was also member of the Direction Board of Mirante newspaper; from Dueceira- Associação de Desenvolvimento do Ceira e Dueça – as Consultant of the Project LEADER+ELOZ. Entre LOusã e Zêzere and he was a founder member of Real Confraria da Cabra Velha. Teacher at the School Avelar Brotero, in Coimbra, from 1960 until is retirement in 1997.

Source: Site Oficial do Município de Miranda do Corvo www.mirandadocorvo.com